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I wrote Spare to express a feeling of loneliness and isolation that has been more and more common over the last few years that I just can't seem to shake off. Spare is a hauntingly sad song that dives into my mental health and what relative isolation has done to it.

Stream Spare by clicking on the link below!

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I wrote Tomorrow to express problems that I have with body image and self expression. Tomorrow also represents a desire to change and heal from trauma and move on with my life. This album dives into trauma, body image issues, sexuality and gender, using spacey synths and powerful guitars.


Stream my third album, Tomorrow, by clicking on the link below!

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Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror was the first song I wrote for Tomorrow, and I wrote it from a place of great frustration with chronic pain and body image issues. I was unable to exercise because of the pain and all of that built up into writing Mirror Mirror as a cry for help.


Stream my first single, Mirror Mirror, by clicking the link below!


I wrote my second album, Anymore, as part of processing both trauma and navigating relationships with people I was very close to. Anymore deals with my experiences with situationships, both good and bad, and how they made me feel.

Stream Anymore by clicking on the link below!


the debut album

I wrote this album over two years and I wanted to express both what was happening in my life, but also try to  bring fantasy elements and worlds into songwriting, something that has stuck with me since for other projects.


 Stream my debut album on Spotify by clicking the link below!



I was born in New Zealand in 1999, and moved to Ireland when I was around 2 years old. I started learning piano a few years later, when I was around 5, and I've loved music ever since. I eventually stopped doing grades in piano when I was 16 to teach myself guitar, which coincided with my time spent in a punk band.
I started writing music when I was in the band, writing for both the band and a solo project on the side. This solo project eventually became my main focus after the band split up.
I take lots of my influences from the different styles I've been exposed to over the years, from punk and folk to choral.

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